Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christening Outfit #2

Ok...sometimes I need something INTENSE!...so I go to a thread project. This suited that need very well.
Done in a vintage style pattern with a pineapple hem in size #10 crochet cotton and size #6 steel hook.
Pattern is from the Leisure Arts Christening Collection; leaflet #2568; design by Kay Meadors, copyright 1994.

Complete with hat and booties
Close up of pineapple hem...

Christening Gown set #1

This was commissioned for and used last year for a christening. I love making these sets! This one is in LB Jamie Pompadour baby yarn.
Pattern is from The Needlecraft Shop; leaflet #921804; "Crochet Special Moments Baby Layette", copyright 1992. Designed by Sue Childress.

Monday, January 15, 2007

POSER! My #1 model...3 year old grandaughter Mariah in her Lion Brand Velvet Spun plush hat and boa scarf. Pattern is free on the LB site.
Hat is slightly askew as she pulled it down over her eyes...pushed it back up...and gave me a quick pose.
This is toooooo funny! A Psychotic Tomato ! I made the above from the free pattern on her site and have it sitting on the top of the puter. Cracks me up everytime I look up...
A very talented craftsperson, IMHO, with a wild and vivid imagination that shows in her projects. Follow her blog and website for some good humor!
I think I HAVE TO GET that jellyfish! What a hoot!

Hats, Hats, Hats and other fun stuff!

What would a craft fair be without them?! OK...I only have been making one kind- the Skull/Skullie Cap. They're a BIG seller in this area especially in the Camo "flavors"...for both boys and girls. Easy and fast to make in DC's...open or closed stitches...with SC rows for the brim.
There are many patterns available on the web. This one is a favorite and available at: TwinStitch
And let's not leave out the little ones. I gave more of these hats away as gifts and donations than anything - with added jingle bells on the top loop chains. It's a really cute hat by a talented traveling gal: Yarncat
Great site she has...take a look!

Both types of hats are also made by the NW KnitWits group for donations.
Flip Flops and Decorated Gloves...

I usually make at least one dozen, if not more, of an item for a show and this is what's left of the fun fur flip-flops and the funky gloves from the show in March.
I used 2 strands of fun fur and made them really fluffy...and who would have thought how cute gloves could be decorated with Puffy Paint?? Both items proved to be best sellers...

Scrunchies and more scrunchies...

What's a table without Scrunchies?? I always have a nice basket or two of different patterned ones...the kids love them as they are priced to be gentle on their allowance.

Pretty Dresses & Sweaters:

OK...I've started going through bins and surprised myself by what I found. I forgot about these.

Yes--they are from that hard to find OOP Annie's Attic "Baby's Heirloom Wardrobe"; leaflet #87H30; copyright 1983. I made all of the patterns and have the below 3 dresses left...
I love to do baby projects. Pretty and you know there will be an end to the project. :) Like the sweaters below. I entered one in the NJ State Fair a couple of years ago and won a Blue Ribbon. It's a vintage pattern...as are the other two. I didn't keep track of what book/magazine I took them out of so I can't give a pattern reference.