Saturday, April 28, 2007

Organizing Crochet Books...Hardcover

I thought I'd mention a site called Library Thing for those of you who haven't heard of it. It was really helpful to me in keeping track of the hardcover crochet books (that are now organized in a bookcase...yay!!).

Even though it takes time initially I found it well worth it. And it's easy now to add one at a time as more (!!) are acquired.
My catalog of needlework books, more crochet than anything but there's a couple on sewing, can be seen here:

Some booklets come with an ISBN # so it's easier to list. One can also see who shares their interest...meaning they also have the same book in their library.

But what to do with all the magazines, leaflets, booklets, etc. that I can't list?? I love to look through them; they aren't and haven't been published in years. Old McCalls, Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman's Day, Family Circle...mostly all from the 1970's.
Funny, but one can really see that "what goes around, comes around...". Not too different in style from what's being touted as new today...except that there are much nicer yarns today...from plain to specialty with greater color varieties.

The magazines are being organized slowly but surely. I also like the idea of large binders for patterns printed from the net to be organized by category...afghans, baby items, etc. At least I won't have to go through LARGE PILES of papers everytime I'm looking for something.
Scary! Maybe I'll be able to find what I'm looking for...

PS. I also listed my cookbooks...yes, seems I have quite a collection of those. Listed under a different name they number more than twice the amount of crochet books...
Does that mean I cook more than I crochet?? Not!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Crochet at Bellaonline Interview !

On 4/17/2007 Kate Pullen, crochet editor of BellaOnline, published our first
online interview for BrainsBarn:

In her own right, Kate creates beautiful jewelry that can be seen here:

Crochet and Knit Jewellery:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hook Display...and Granny Square Sampler Afghan

I've been asked by many as to how I display my hooks. I have an earthenware item that seems to be perfect at this time. I added enough rice...uncooked of course! let the hooks stand on their own and then I just "planted" them. A garden of hooks that really looks nice on the table :) and they are handy.

The item under the hooks is a work in progress...and has been for a while. I came across it while organizing...hah! But the beauty of this afghan is that it can be added to when one feels like doing a granny square. The squares do not match in size so it's fitted together. Here's a better picture. It's the "Granny Square Sampler Afghan" from an old Better Homes & Gardens hardcover book "Crochet&Knitting"; ISBN #0696001551; copyright 1977.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Have a Great Easter!

From our home and barn to yours...
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

10 More Scarves and counting...

LOL!! Am I done yet? NO...not until I make a single-skein scarf out of every color there is of LB Homespun yarn.
Love how these come out! They may be toooo simple but they are long, soft and there will be different finished ends on each scarf. I like to look for beaded fringe, long fringe, tassels, etc. Sometimes I like to add a pin to one end...each scarf will be different. They are waiting for what I come up with...looks like I'll be set with scarves for the craft fairs/shows starting in September. They sell well besides having gifts on hand.

Here's a sample of a beaded fringe found for this scarf...may do both sides of each end?? I'd appreciate comments on this please...

Hooked Scarves by MHubert...3 more scarves

Margaret Hubert is a favorite designer. My husband and I first met her at last year's CGOA convention in King of Prussia, PA. She's not only a very talented designer but a very lovely lady. We hope to meet up with her at this year's CGOA convention in Manchester, NH.

The above 3 scarves are from her book "Hooked Scarves". Far left: The "Handsome Basket-Weave Scarf" on page 72. I took it a step farther by making it very long and using a Colibri Flausch Austrian yarn from my stash. This scarf's a "keeper". Middle: It's the "Cuddly Pompoms Scarf" on page 62 made in LB Velvet Spun "Bluebell". Instead of gathering the ends and putting on a pompom--I added fringe in a complimentary nylon color. Right: "The Mixed Greens Scarf" on page 55 made with 3-4 different textured yarns. Absolutely love this scarf done in pinks. I've already made one in orange/browns/gold and sold it at the last craft show done in March.

5 More Scarves...

Above: 3 finished scarves...

Top: Long scarf done in 2 complimentary skeins of LB Jiffy w/fringe.

Middle & Bottom: LB Homespun one-skein scarves. The fringe using the same Homespun "Gazebo" plus Pink baby cloud (each strand is knotted to prevent unraveling). Bottom scarf is Coral Homespun gathered at bottom edges and fringed with ribbon yarn.


Below 2 scarves:

Top: Long scarf/long fringed scarf done in Pink "TuTu" yarn. SOLD

Bottom: Potato chip spiral scarf in mohair like yarn fringed with a long ribbon yarn.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm on a scarf kick...

I've been on a scarf kick lately...and using up stash! Remember that I am cleaning and organizing?? never knows what is hiding around here so it's like being on a treasure hunt :)
The above scarf SOLD right out of my hand! Yes, I travel with projects and was in the right place at the right time. I think it was the colors and the long length (scarf is folded in half in pic - used 2 skeins of Moda Dea Metro in color: Santa Fe. Pattern is from the Lion Brand yarn site: Lacy scarf (shown in suede on their site).