Sunday, November 12, 2006

North Warren KnitWits

Perhaps I should give a little background on the North Warren KnitWits:
When I moved to Blairstown 6 years ago I saw an ad in the paper announcing this group. I called the number and was invited to the next meeting...and have been with them ever since (over 3 years).
We meet socially every Wednesday from 9am to 12noon at the Blairstown Community Center to knit and crochet various items that are donated to several charities and organizations in Warren County and any surrounding community that requests our services.
One does not have to attend the meetings to belong; many knit/crochet from home. All ages are welcome to join the NW KnitWits. We even have a man who attends; he's a really fast crocheter and can't read a pattern!
By the end of 2005 our group distributed over 1200 items to nursing homes, hospitals, adult centers, vets, children's programs and other various programs.
We accept and greatly appreciate any donations of yarn.
The NW KnitWits have been in existence for over 10 years. They are part of the RSVP program (Retired Senior and Volunteer Program) of NORWESCAP, based in Phillipsburg, NJ.

North Warren KnitWits:
Yesterday 14 members from our group met at Footbridge Park as part of Clean Community Day in Blairstown. This town sponsored event paid any bona fide group/organization to pick up litter at a given section. What an opportunity to earn money for yarn!
Cub scout, Boy scout and Girl scout troops were out and there WE were...the oldest member who signed up in our group is 88 years old! Here's a pic of some with T-shirts that were given out as part of this town project.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Over at the 'Ville there's a thread for members to add the amount of preemie caps made and sent to Caps for the Capital project.

The pic shows 60 caps. The box had more room so I've since made 20 more and sent off 80 total. There's still time so I've made 2 more and am still going. They go fast and it's a small enough takealong project.

My personal quota has been met!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well already I can't get the pics to go where I want them too so will add this as a separate post.
I decided to make an easy sweater to go with the blanket in the below post ; added a hat and a Boyd Bear...she loved it (and so did the mom!)

My friend became a new grandma this past July and asked for a "special something" that would become an heirloom. Wow...that's an honor as we all know! So I settled on a "Lacy Baby Afghan" from the old Quick n Easy crochet booklet; deck 9/Afghans and Baby Blankets; copyright 1985.
I thought the round and round would never end!
This is a new learning curve...a blog...but it's time I prove I can crochet by putting up some pics :)
Let me look around and see what I can find...there's enough works in progress and "stuff" for a couple of upcoming craft fairs so it's just putting it together. I guess I'll get the hang of it so bear with me...