Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pizza Break...'s time to head downstairs and join my overly aggressive Amazon for pizza. Maybe she'll let me have another piece. Of course she will...I'm the one she's bonded too! I also better head out to the barn and tell Brian to come in before there's none left...

Irish Crochet NJ State Fair Winner

While we're on the subject of least I am :) ... the above is from the 2006 NJ State Fair. A second place...why? Because I was up late finishing it. Judge's comments stated gorgeous but the sides were slightly wavy. I did change hooks but it wasn't good enough. I deserved it for rushing... but hey! I'm not complaining about a 2nd place in a State Fair!

Pattern is from a 1979 Leisure Arts Afghan booklet by Jean Leinhauser. Hi Jean!
Crochet Insider for a recent interview about this fascinating lady.

Star Afghan

One of the Star Afghan patterns from the site
I just adjusted the colors and number of rows as I liked...finished and brought to yesterday's KnitWits meeting. A smaller one in a lapghan size; perhaps in Red,White & Blue for the American Legion... :) Oh well...a completed project and one WIM...the list gets longer...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Victorian Cape & Baby Cloud Blanket

This was given with the yarn Christening Gown pictured below...almost forgot about it and glad I started taking pictures last year...won a ribbon in the Warren County Fair.
Free Pattern from Crochet Pattern Central: Victorian Cape

In addition I had finished a baby afghan done in Red Heart Baby Cloud yarn; 3 different colors; ripple pattern on wrapper. Impulse buy!...I wanted to try an item with this yarn...

NJ State Fair Winner

Cute Outfit!! Won a 2nd place ribbon in the NJ State Fair and later was given as a gift.
Pattern from: Crochet Fun!; Number 12; Copyright Aug/Sept, 1989.