Sunday, September 07, 2008

Straight from Ohio...

On Saturday, July 19th, I headed to Newark International Airport to pick up the first BrainsBarn student...:)...our friend and crochet designer, Christy!
She's in to learn the lathe and to ride up with us to the Crochet Conference in Manchester, NH.

Christy- all cleaned up and relaxing with the Princess Layla after a day in "the barn". :)
Earlier in the day and during all the days spent in the barn...learning, turning, sanding, sanding, sanding...
Christy did very well in being the first "student" at BrainsBarn. She just HAD TO KNOW how those hooks are created. After finding out...she decided to leave the decorated hooks up to Brian...but she gained much knowledge on the lathe and will surely have her own turning style in the near future. Right now, Christy makes handcarved hooks and is the creator of the "Hookzilla". See this link for her hooks for sale:

The above is the only know photo of Christy in the barn and creating on the lathe. LOLOL...cameras were checked at the door and a confidentiality statement was signed as to "what happens in the barn, stays in the barn". (LOL...only kidding! but we all really had lots of fun and laughs!)

Christy's crochet designs can be seen in various publications this year and she is one of the SFTD- "Straight From Today's Designers" with items in their first 2 publications that can be bought and downloaded directly from the site.


Christy's website with patterns is here:

Be sure to check out this up and coming designer!

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Kim Guzman said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Christy told me how much fun she had "at the barn". It's wonderful to see her hard at work. :-) Kim