Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The CGOA 2008 Fashion Show

OK...this is really a "you had to be there" moment. Brian got to model the freeform vest at the CGOA fashion show. He's not as pretty as the other models and there were lovely designs being shown. I don't know what happened behing that curtain but he lost his Tshirt somewhere (I think Vashti and Myra had something to do with it...) I took these pics after his strut down the catwalk as I couldn't get near it. I suppose that's a good thing as I would have been stuffing $$ bills in his chaps and I was laughing so hard. Where did he learn to strut that way ??!!

At least CrochetWithDee got a video of the bedlam...ROFLMAO!!!!
NOTE: The vest has since been taken by Mel to the CGOA Conference in Portland where it was shown to the West coast contributors. The vest was not completely finished in Manchester but it is now. It will eventually arrive at BrainsBarn in the near future... What a gift! Thanks to all!!

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