Thursday, August 02, 2007

CGOA 2007 Convention...Fashion Show & Silent Auction

The highlight of the convention has arrived...the Chic Street Fashion Show and Silent Auction. This year's donations on monies collected for the "bag auction: will go to the Helping Hands Foundation . Brian bid on and won 3:
Bag #6...donated by Nancy Nehring, author/designer/teacher/hook collector

This bag is absolutely breathtaking!! My jaw dropped when I saw I had just taken an Irish Crochet course that morning with Kathie Earle. I can appreciate the work and time that went into this piece. It also has tiny, real pearls worked into the stitches. It's a pleasure and a joy to look deserves a display case so it can be seen and it will have one...


Bag #13...donated by Diane Moyer of pawprint creations

Absolutely FUNKY! I love FUNKY OOAK creativeness and this IS it! Lining is a gorgeous royal purple with embroidered butterflies...actually this bag is perfect for a Red Hatter!
Diane was so gracious and thanked Brian for bidding and winning her creation.


Bag #17...donated by Dee Stanziano, designer/teacher. Dee's Blog A clutch size bag done in freeform by Dee. Bag has a chain for shoulder use or it can be tucked inside and held as a clutch. It's lovely! Dee also won second place in the People's Choice Award. Here's a great picture of Brian and Dee; Brian gave Dee the ribbon; he kept the purse...LOL! Dee also has a pic of Brian on the runway just after he was announced high bidder. What a hoot!...he did get lots of whistles! That's MHubert on the other side of Dee holding up the Helping Hands placard for pics...and on the side of Margaret you can see a little of Prudence's freeform bag. Dee has many more pics of the auction on her site rather than duplicate them here...see link above for that entry.

I am more than interested to know what next year's silent auction will be?? Brian now has the Bra made by Dee from the 2006 convention; this year a bag...all in freeform. Could it be that he is going for a whole outfit by Dee?? As we expect to be at next year's convention...only time will tell! Stay tuned! Personally, I can't wait!

Here's a photo after the silent auction: our table won a total of 7 bags. Dee's blog has it all! She was really busy with her camera:
For Fashion Show pics see here .
For links to other convention pics see here . I'm still going through them!
Vashti Braha was a showstopper in her unforgettable creation. See the story here


Pam said...

Thanks for the play by play, great photos and stories, wish I could have been there. -Pam

Anonymous said...

Brian seemed to really really love being on that runway while showing off the bag! I can still hear everyone cheering for him! {BG} Of course I too am wondering about the next Conference and if Brian really is looking to have an entire outfit by me? LOL Thank you both, for your winning bid! :)

It was great seeing you & Brian at the conference; hopefully next year we'll be able to spend some time together!

Amie said...

I second that. Next year, more time together!

You two look so cute in this picture together. Love it!

It's Me...Maven said...

Fantastic pictures of you, Brian and the bags! Enjoy them! :)